The Quality Flower Group is an organization of 10 chrysanthemum, gerbera, germini and celosia nurseries working closely together to improve marketing strategy.

The nurseries are located mainly in "De Bommelerwaard" which is an area among the dutch main rivers Maas and Waal. They cover a total area of approximately 40 hectares. The members of the Quality Flower Group grow a wide variety of different chrysanthemums. The product range consists of both spray- and santini chrysanthemums as well as gerbera's, germini's and (in spring and summer) celosia's.

The Quality Flower Group sells its products primarily through the veil system of Royal Flora Holland. In addition, the flowers are sometimes sold by mediation to Dutch exporters.
Most transactions are long term orders. Other transaction are week- and/or day trade orders as well as  special orders. On demand the Quality Flower Group can temporarily increase their production for (international) holidays, like Christmas or Motherdays.

The main objective of the group is to intensify contacts with new and existing customers. In 2010 the Quality Flower Group engaged Chris Biesheuvel as their own sales representative. Chris can give the customers more information regarding the products. He can also keep an eye on market developments and any trading opportunities that will occur.
With the obtained information the QFG can fine-tune production policies if necessary. For example adjust product range and specifications to meet the needs of the market as close as possible.

In this way, the Quality Flower Group wants to be a reliable partner in the process from producer via trade/retailer to consumer. The customer's feedback is important to be able to contribute in the process of achieving higher quality products and more efficient market-oriented production.