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Janity Flowers BV is a modern chrysanthemum nursery founded in 1986. In the early years when the company was led by my father, mainly strawberries and tomatoes were grown. Two years after its establishment, we started growing the first 3,000 m2 year round chrysanthemums. Again two years later (1990), the business area expanded to 10,000 m2. Shortly after, in 1996 a small piece of greenhouse was built so we got an area of 13,000 m2. In 1998, an important step was made to grow with artificial light.

In 2004 Janity Flowers moved from it's location in Zaltbommel to a complete new and very modern establishment in Bruchem (total industrial area 48,000 m2). The year production is 13,000,000 chrysanthemums, grown under ideal conditions of 8000 lux assimilation lighting. The CO2 emission is reduced to a minimum by modern heat engines (used to transform natural gas into electricity). After the exhaust gas is guided through a special purifier it can be used as fertilizer for the flowers. This is of course very beneficial for the environment. Excess electricity generated is sold to the public network, which is enough to supply about 5,000 households. The heat output of the cooling water of our heat engines provides 95% of all energy that is needed to heat all of our greenhouses. This technique yields 97% return from a cubic meter of gas (for comparison: a powerstation gets only 50% yield).

Another aspect of Janity Flowers is the most environmentally friendly recycling of drainage water, which is a substantial savings in the use of fertilizers, and thereby reducing the emission to the surface to a minimum. Our company employs my wife and myself and 10 other very enthusiastic and motivated employees. Since summer 2010 and spring 2011, our two sons also work in the company. During schoolholidays and after school we also employ an average of 10 pupils for all kinds of harvest work.

Our latest investment is a modern packaging machine that benefits the quality of our chrysanthemums. There are fewer people involved in the packaging process so possible damaging of the flowers by human hands is reduced to a minimum. Behind the new packaging machine is another weighing and sorting unit that checks for constant quality.

To be more connected with our customers we (together with another 8 nurseries) established the Quality Flower Group. Through our special relationship manager Chris Biesheuvel, our common interests are very well represented to the customer. Also, thanks to the Quality Flower Group we can better meet the needs of the market.

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