Nursery Monnikenwaard

Flower nursery "Monnikenwaard" is owned by Jan and Rachel van Tuijl. The company is a continuation of the agricultural and horticultural activities that the "Van Tuijl's" used to explore for generations. Around 1920, in the Bommelerwaard the growing of strawberries under the so-called "flat glass" started. And this is exactly what happened at the "Hogeweg" in the village "Tuijl". Later, around 1950, the cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses started. In 1975 "Monnikenwaard" switched to growing freesias, which lasted until 1986. In that year the start was made with growing year-round chrysanthemums.

Overview op development of total work area Monnikenwaard:
1986: 6,500 m2
1989: 19,500 m2
2001: 58,320 m2.

In 2015, half of the total business area consists of Santini and the other half of spray chrysanthemums. The assortment Santini is subject to change. Currently it consists of: Ferry, Cloud, Kim, Rossi and Doria. The current range of spray chrysanthemums consists of Euro, Euro Sunny and Bretagne and in the future Bontempi. The Euro is Sunny is back into the range thanks to increasing demand from the market. The aim is to adjust the production process in a way to be able to deliver high quality and fresh flowers every day. The peaks in the production are deliberately made with the Russian Women's Day, English Mother's Day, etc. Besides selling by the Flora Holland veil system, direct sales are now firmly part of the marketing strategy. The production is about 300,000 chrysanthemums per week. Quality of the product comes first. Therefore there is invested in a brand new state of the art packing machine, reducing the chance of damaging the flowers during packaging to a minimum.

The largest part of the production goes through the clock, but direct sales is certainly also possible.

De Monnikenwaard pays much attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation. Therefore the prevention and control of pests and diseases is done on a 100% organically base. Additionally, energy management is an important part of daily production, for example a lot of energy is saved by recirculating of water.

Our membership of the Quality Flower Group has strengthened our relationship with our customers. In addition, thanks to the Quality Flower Group our direct sales increased. The "Monnikenwaard" is a modern nursery that can fill in the needs of a wide variety of customers for a competitive price.


Spray chrysanthemums:

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