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Flower nursery Nico Kiep Ltd. is a modern spray chrysanthemums nursery and is part of the "Kiepflowergroep".

The nursery was established in the previous century and started with a mix from agriculture and cattle breeding. The first couple of years the company's main business was breeding strawberries and vegetables, but in 1984 a start was made with the production of year-round chrysanthemums. Nowadays, the total industrial area includes 90,000 m2 of greenhouse. Flower nursery Nico Kiep has about 20 motivated employees. They are occupied with daily care and production/delivery of a high-end product.

Since 2009 the company is a member of the Quality Flower Group, which makes us part of a professional sales and marketing organization. In this way we can offer our customers a full time personal relation manager (John van Santen) within the market. Ever since the beginning, direct deliveries to customer's special requirements has been the strength of our company.

After the reorganization of late 2011 a clear choice was made for quality-oriented retail. Our strategy is to make our products as customizable as possible to the enduser's wishes, this combined with optimization of cultivation and production. Furthermore, we use a sophisticated assortment planning, tailored to the seasons. This combination of "skills" allows us to offer a "shelf ready" product in the form of a season tailored mix. We can also apply a price- or barcode sticker to our products. At this time we already provide various chrysanthemum-resellers with their daily needs, in the form of this mixture. Of course we pay as much attention as possible to consumer demand, turnover on the shelf and dropout rates.

Flower nursery Nico Kiep Ltd. has more experiences than anyone, that retail delivery requires collaboration and thinking from the store shelf.
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Industrial surface: 90.000 m2