Nursery Antonia

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Frans and Andrea Mans. I (Frans) was born in 1969 as a gardener's son and grew up in Zuilichem between strawberries and tomatoes and later chrysanthemums and freesias. Andrea was born in 1973 as a gardener's daughter in Poederoijen.

We are proud of our company and love our work among all those beautiful flowers. We also like to offer people the opportunity to take a look inside our nursery. We would like to show you how these beautiful flowers are grown and tell you our story. We know from experience that most people are impressed by the sea of ​​flowers in all those different colors. Of course we have our daily work and we are pleased that you first make an appointment.

Depending on the season, between 10 and 25 people work in our nursery every day. We have been working for years with a fixed team and few personnel changes, so we can make your product with skilled and experienced people. We let the people in the processing hall and greenhouse rotate as much as possible, making it interesting and varied for everyone. We also attach great value to our permanent club employees.

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Nursery Antonia is 2.7 hectares in size, has an assimilation lighting of an average of 9000 lux above the flowers and we produce about 17 million stems Germinis in a very wide range every year.
And last but not least: our nursery is MPS-A certified!

For more information, please contact our relationship manager of the Quality Flower Group,
Chris Biesheuvel: 06-53368801.


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