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Buijs Flowers in the village of Poederoijen is run by Christian Buijs. Already in 1998 (initially under the name of Heermoeskamp) Christian started with the cultivation of chrysanthemums. In 2001 the company moved to a different location in the village of Zuilichem. At this location, in a newly built nursery (with an industrial area of 3 hectares) the production of the famous race Vesuvio was started. In 2006, the company doubled it’s industrial surface with extensive renovations, bringing the total size to 6 hectares.

The varieties currently grown are the Zehnya, Zehnya Yellow, Carolle and the beautiful double-flowered pink Macaron. Each year as many as 17 million of these flowers are produced.

In 2009, the light level is increased from 5500 lux to 9000 lux illumination. With this amount of light a ‘year round’ quality can be guaranteed.

Buijs Flowers is a very flexible company. The nursery is able to increase production capacity on demand. For more information, please contact the dedicated relationship manager of the Quality Flower Group, Chris Biesheuvel.

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Buijs Flowers BV
Karel van Gelreweg 1B
5307 VC Poederoijen