Flower Nursery Jurro

My name is Jurrien Roberti, owner of Flower Nursery Jurro. We started in 1997 with the cultivation of chrysanthemums in a greenhouse of 3000 square meters. A year later we expanded the business surface to 6000 square meters of glass. For many years we have grown many different potted chrysanthemums including Lilac Eleonora, Boris Becker, Pink Pong and Inga.

In 2003 we bought a nursery in Heeselt with a size of 1 hectare. Here we started growing the disbudded chrysanthemum Zembla, which we currently still have in our assortment. In Heeselt we have grown chrysanthemums for 6 years. In the year 2009 we had the opportunity to buy an existing 3-hectare nursery in the village of Tuil. And this is still our current nursery, where we grow chrysanthemums all year round with 7700 lux assimilation lighting.
From 2 January Nursery Jurro is a member of the Quality Flower Group. Jurro specializes in the cultivation of disbudded chrysanthemums, currently the varieties Etrusko, Zembla and Zembla Yellow. The team consists of a group of skilled employees who deliver a high-quality product day in and day out.

Through the membership of the Quality Flower Group we expect to get better contact with the trade. For example, we can inform the trade (via our regular marketing and relationship manager Chris Biesheuvel) about offers etc. and what happens within our company.

Flower Nursery Jurro
Sint Antoniestraat 36
4176BJ Tuil
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