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Jan and Rino Mans, father and son, and two proud owners of Nursery Topline Gerbera, a growery for many generations. And therefore very experienced in growing beautiful flowers. Born and grown up among flowers and fruits from a very early age. Passing on the love for the profession from generation to generation. That is the history of nursery Topline Gerbera.

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Entrepreneurship on a high level and still being a grower, and enjoying a centuries-old profession among the flowers. In continuous search for ways to combine modern technology and nature to grow the most beautiful products. Growing a beautiful bunch of gerbera and germini is something we do our best every day. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also important and we are also busy with it. Where possible we use natural enemies to not disturb the natural balance in the greenhouses. As a result, we can grow with a minimum of plant protection products. And where these have to be used, we use the latest equipment for this. In combination with environmentally friendly means, nature is not damaged in this way. This is evident from years of certification as MPS-ECAS certification (MPS-A and MPS-SQ).

In addition, we will leave the old location after the summer and if everything goes well after the summer we will grow in a brand new nursery where we will also be innovative with a totally new flower, the Pastini, together with a number of fellow growers we will introduce this new series to put on the market.

Topline Gerbera stands for quality at a fair price.

Our current nursery is 2.3 hectares. Our new nursery will soon be about 3.88 hectares, where millions of stems are grown each year under an average of 9000 lux assimilation lighting, which enables us to make a guaranteed beautiful and strong product in the winter months.

For more information, please contact our relationship manager of the Quality Flower Group,
Chris Biesheuvel: 06-53368801.

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