Vitaflor B.V.

The company Vitaflor was started in 1993 with 3000 m2 of Matricaria and 2000 m2 of Celosias chrysanthemums in tunnels. In addition outdoor chrysanthemums and artichokes were grown. In 1995 a completely new nursery of 1.1 hectare was built. In 2005 the company renewed again and was upgraded to 3.5 acres with 6500 lux illumination, robotic plant, and the production of flowers with the latest machinery.

The production team consists of seven permanent employees whose aim is to deliver an absolute quality product. Our species are 80% Pink Mona Lisa and 20% other species.

Thanks to the Quality Flower Group, with a small group of chrysanthemum growers, we can join forces which has great benefits for all of us. Our dedicated relationship manager Chris Biesheuvel represents our common interests.

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